Dealing with Knee Pain

Knee pain is an incredibly common—and unfortunate—problem that millions of Americans face every year. The Knee Institute understands this and offers a wide variety of treatment options for knee pain. For many patients, knee pain is a nearly debilitating issue, yet despite the pain, many patients are understandably hesitant to undergo surgery. Fortunately, the Knee Institute has developed non-surgical options. The benefits of non-surgical options are immediately clear: patients receive relief from knee pain without the long downtime often associated with knee surgery.

There are many different types of knee injuries and problems, and as such, the type of non-surgical options available will differ, but one thing that’s consistent: the benefits of non-surgical options are tremendous. Before we perform any kind of treatment, we start by looking at the knee. Thanks to a breakthrough piece of technology, we can look at a patient’s knee in real time. This allows our team of experts to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and begin to decide what non-surgical treatments might apply.

This technology, called a fluoroscope, not only allows us to see into the knee, it also helps us in treating the knee. When we’ve decided on the right non-surgical treatment, we use the fluoroscope to administer the proper injection in exactly the right spot. Once the treatment has been administered, we apply a hinged brace that forces the injection to distribute properly.

Because injection treatments are non-surgical, our knee pain treatments eliminate a ton of risks associated with knee replacement surgery. Getting you back to health quickly is just one of the many benefits of non-surgical treatments. Patients who elect to have non-surgical treatments do not have to worry about infections, blood clots, heart attack, post-surgical pain, and nerve damage related to knee replacement surgery.

Another benefit of non-surgical treatments? The original joint remains in place. This is a major benefit. Despite the advancement in knee replacement surgeries, artificial joints will eventually fail. The human knee is a remarkable joint, and despite the strength of metal and plastic used in artificial knees, they are no comparison to what nature has provided. Perhaps the fact that patients retain their natural knee joint is one of the greatest benefits of non-surgical options.

If you experience knee pain and are interested in learning more about the benefits of non-surgical treatments, it might be time to contact The Knee Institute at 248-509-8630. Our team of experts work with breakthrough technologies and cutting-edge treatments to provide patients non-surgical alternatives to help alleviate knee problems.

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