The Clinic Makes the Difference - Staff, Equipment, and Environment

While choosing an individual physician is important, another great way to choose the care you receive is based on the clinic itself. From the doctors to the rest of the clinic staff, the equipment used, and the overall environment, there are plenty of factors to consider.

We truly care about all of our patients at The Knee Institute and Regenerative Medicine. We see you as a person and not a file or a checkbook. We are dedicated to learning about the causes of your knee pain. From there we will develop a plan to not only treat but also alleviate your pain.

Often times patients are a bit skeptical about a knee treatment plan that does not include surgery, and how it can possibly be successful. Our team of experienced medical professionals are committed to your care and will help you understand the overall plan. Our team includes an Osteopath as well as a doctor who practices non-surgical pain management as well as musculoskeletal medicine.

At The Knee Institute, we are the only facility accredited with the OsteoArthritis Centers of America in Michigan. That means we specialize in relieving chronic pain associated with Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteoarthritis, particularly knee pain as well as other musculoskeletal conditions. Our medical staff is in line with the philosophy of treating knee pain non-surgically.

Our team includes:

  • Khurrum T. Pirzada, D.O.

  • Gordon J. Korby DO, DC

  • Monica Sanghvi, FNP

  • Jane Sulla, Nurse Practitioner Certified

  • Danielle Lundy, Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Katherine Backer, Physical Therapy Technician

  • Antonio Mitchell Jr., Physical Therapy Technician

  • Joyce Salvador-Willard, RN, MSA, CCM, LNCC, CBIS, MSA Allocator, Administrator

  • Jennifer McCoy, Administrative Assistant

We are happy to provide you with a no-cost, no-risk knee consultation with our staff at our office in West Bloomfield. Give us a call today at 248-804-7226 to schedule an appointment.

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