Comparing Total Knee Replacement Surgery to Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

There are millions of Americans living with painful medical conditions related to musculoskeletal problems including Osteoarthritis and tendon, muscle, and ligament sprains, strains, and tears. Traditionally surgery has been performed to alleviate the pain and problems associated with these conditions. Today, stem cell therapy has become the gold standard of regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy is a better option than total knee replacement surgery for a variety of reasons. You’ve likely heard some buzz around stem cells, but you may not know exactly what they are or how they work. We are born with a large amount of stem cells to help build our organs and tissues in our infancy.

As we grow older, we have fewer stem cells which means it’s more difficult for our bodies to rebound from injuries or stress. By the time we are teenagers, we only have 10% as many stems cells as we did at first. By the time adults reach their 50s they only have half as many stem cells as teenagers do.

Stem cells can be taken from the hip area, but it’s an invasive procedure that can be painful, and adults don’t have very many extra stem cells to donate. That’s why human umbilical stem cells are the best way to go. There are no ethical concerns because these stem cells come from what is otherwise considered to be medical waste.

These stem cells can be used to restore and repair the knee without the need for total knee replacement surgery. In some cases, surgery may be required, but it’s always best to explore your options which include stem cell therapy. Major therapy should not be taken lightly, and requires a lot of recovery time as well.

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