Eight Ways to Prevent Knee Injuries at Work

If you work in a profession that requires your employees to spend time kneeling, crouching, or other strenuous activities on your knees, you should be doing all you can to prevent knee injuries from occurring at work. If you’re wondering which types of jobs can be the most strenuous to the knees, consider the following:

• Cleaners
• Roofers
• Carpenters
• Construction workers
• Floor installers
• Auto mechanics
• Athletes
• Dancers
• Plumbers
• Electricians

Workplace knee injuries account for up to 20% of lost time injuries of 16 days or more away from work, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rather than paying workers comp while the job isn’t being done, you’d likely be better off investing in some simple yet cost-effective measures to prevent and reduce possible knee injuries at work.

1. Design your workspaces so your workers can sit instead of kneeling
2. Stage their materials so they won’t have to bend or kneel to lift them
3. Provide a rolling stool for floor work when movement is required
4. Allow workers the opportunity to stretch their knees through their full range of motion
5. Train your entire workforce on appropriate stretching and knee exercises
6. Allow everyone time to stretch before, during, and after work
7. Provide employees with shock absorbing knee pads
8. Be sure to keep your work environment free of tripping hazards and clutter

If your workplace requires workers to be on their knees often, you’ll find that it will really benefit you in the long run to invest in some of the aforementioned tips. While not all knee injuries can be prevented or avoided, you can certainly take steps to reduce the risk of such injuries from occurring in the first place.

As the largest joint in the human body, the knee already takes the brunt of our daily activities even those people who sit or stand all day at work. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call The Knee Institute at 248-804-7226 today.
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