How to Maintain a Healthy Weight to Avoid Knee Problems

If you’ve ever tried losing weight, you know just how difficult it can be. Millions of Americans diet every year, and the majority of them aren’t successful in losing much weight. Even those just trying to maintain their weight can often have difficulty and find that there is more to it than simply not eating too much. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to avoid knee problems now and later in life. Putting too much strain on the knees from being overweight is a common reason knee injuries occur.

One of the main ways you can maintain a healthy weight is by following a healthy diet. While it may seem like common sense to follow a healthy diet, it’s easier said than done for many of us. A healthy diet starts with eating breakfast every day. This jumpstarts your metabolism so you have energy throughout the day. Be sure to get some protein and whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of fruits and vegetables, you’ll want plenty in your diet throughout the day. You should aim for seven servings a day, with five of those being vegetables and the other two being fruits. If that seems difficult, try to get two servings per meal and have the last one as a snack.

You’ll need protein but there are many sources that aren’t the healthiest for you. Try lean proteins like fish, poultry, nuts, beans, and eggs. Broil or grill your meats and avoid frying them. Limit sugar intake because too much sugar can make you gain weight even if the rest of your diet is fairly healthy. Natural sugar from fruit is a better option, but you should still be careful about having too much.

Be sure to drink plenty of water so you can stay hydrated. The age-old recommendation is to drink eight glasses of water per day. Being hydrated can also make you less hungry so you don’t overeat. Establish a consistent eating pattern including what time you eat and your portion sizes. Be sure to manage portion sizes, which can be most difficult to do when eating out.

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